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Electric Crane Rental

Pergamo Sollevamenti guarantees the rental of Electric Cranes up to 30 tons throughout central and southern Italy.

Equipped with accessories such as: jib, telescopic jib, forks, hydraulic winch, fixed hook. 

Pergamo Sollevamenti Srl is increasingly sensitive to the environmental implications of policies and choices

Concepts such as "Green" are taking on a primary role that pushes companies to convey to their customers not only the performance relating to new types of machines, but also a message that strengthens the corporate identity and image.
Bringing to the attention of our customers the importance of better communicating their corporate choices in promoting "Green" environmental respect could strengthen job opportunities, cwith our machines such as the fully electric JMG 45S – 180S - 300S.
Our vehicles are part of Industry 4.0 projects which allow interconnection to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and/or part programs, also taking advantage of in-house monitoring.continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters using appropriate sets of sensors and process drift activities. Therefore it is possible to continuously control a set of machine parameters. These parameters are aimed at maintenance diagnoses and safety during use.

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